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        Invisus' current layout was designed by Rykea and features Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn) from Sailor Moon. For more information regarding this and past designs, see here. Now please, relax and explore, and feel free to drop us a note before leaving. ♥

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Layout: Obscure
Features: Toshiya
Type: Frames and Div Layers
Designer: Rykea
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The Reno Edition by Rykea
        As should be visible, we now have a new main layout here at Invisus, this one a throw-back to an older style of design and featuring Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn) from Sailor Moon. I believe I’ve finally worked the kinks out of it, but if anyone happens upon a broken link, odd color scheme, or string of PHP gibberish, please let us know. Thanks! ♥

        In addition to the new layout, much of this website has undergone maintenance. On the boring, technical side, the about page, staff profiles, FAQ, and terms of usage have been updated. Our links page has also been revamped and all broken links have been removed (which was sadly over half of our links). Due to this, we are currently seeking new link exchanges, so if you’re interested, please apply.

        On the fun-woo-more-goodies side, the textures section has been completely redone and databased, making it easier for visitors to view and download textures based on their type (large or icon-sized). I’ve also added a large and new dreamy texture to the mix (see below). The icons section has also been reorganized with two new sections: seasonal and stock. Lastly, a new pre-made tables layout has been added, this one featuring the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence.


        We hope everyone is having an enjoyable autumn and we here at Vis plan to have more updates coming soon. Also, please don’t forget to visit Catharsistic, our icon and resource LJ community, as well as our new Tumblr page for recently added downloadables and website goodies. xx

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        Every once in a while, I mention to Rykea, “Hey, we haven’t updated Vis since July of last year, maybe we should do something.” And um. Yes. Usually that ends up in, “Oh crap, I have a 10 page paper due next week I haven’t even started research for it can wait.”

        So for some reason, it occurred to me to visit the site today, and JFC HAVE WE REALLY NOT UPDATED SINCE JULY. I think Rykea posted some icons in December and just didn’t mention it or something because they look new and—we are horrible people. Horrible as in productive people who are trying to live lives and make money.

        We’re both graduating this year—Ryk from grad school and me from undergrad, and we’re both going to work for a while so maybe our immediate response to “oh we have to update Vis” won’t be “*flops over* I will do it later.”

        Uh so there is nothing productive in this post. I just felt it was necessary to tell you we’re not dead and will update again… eventually. Carry on now.

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Back with Summer by Rykea
        Happy summer, people. Though really, why are you online when you can be outside lounging in the sunshine, lemonade in hand, watching the cute pool boy do his thing? No sun, no lemons, no pool? Shitty deal. On the bright side, we at Vis are back with a few seasonal treats.

        First up, Kyuu has designed our newest main layout featuring the gorgeous Olivia Wilde. Her design, her html, my css. So if the text is hard to read or the links are annoying to find, yell at me. After the last few run-ins I’ve had with (paid webdesign) customers, I can take anything you’ll throw at me. (I love people, really. Love them like hellfire.)

        Secondly, I’ve uploaded a new pre-made layout featuring Dean Winchester from the CW’s Supernatural. And thirdly, I’ve added 28 new icons featuring Vienna Teng, Charlotte Martin, Final Fantasy X, The Vampire Diaries, Nikita, and kittens. Enjoy folks, but first and foremost, just enjoy your summer. ♥

Posted Jul 14, 2011. Filed under Site Maintenance, Icons, Layouts. 12 comments.

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