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        Invisus' current layout was designed by Rykea and features Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn) from Sailor Moon. For more information regarding this and past designs, see here. Now please, relax and explore, and feel free to drop us a note before leaving. ♥

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Layout: Fake Feathers
Features: Cain (Cain Saga)
Type: Iframes and Div Layers
Designer: Rykea
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9 Large Light Textures by Kyuu
        Hello friends~ It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Both Rykea and I have been quite busy—her with finishing her last year of university and applying for grad school and me with being on an exchange program in Europe for the semester. Thus, with us both having so much fun being preoccupied by real life (me more than her, which she will gladly attest to), we haven’t had much in the way of updating.
        Thus, I’m here to drop by with a number of 1600×1200 light textures for your designing pleasure.

        There are four textures with an additional five color variations on them. Enjoy! Hopefully it won’t be another five months until we drop around again, haha.

Posted May 16, 2011. Filed under Textures. 2 comments.

Holiday Treats by Rykea
        Another quick update today—seeing that it’s Christmas Eve I imagine a fair number of us are either drinking ourselves under the festively decorated table or are out doing that “holy effing yule-log this won’t be happening again next year” last minute shopping (I’m looking at you, boys). Somehow, I’m doing neither of those things right now, and this needs to change. Pronto. But first, Kyuu added 10 holiday icons to make the day a little brighter. Enjoy!

        Also, I want to take the time to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday and all the best for the New Year, from both of us here at Invisus. Cheers! ♥

Posted Dec 24, 2010. Filed under Announcements, Icons. 4 comments.

80+ Icons Added by Rykea
        A quick update, but in lieu of a) the approaching holiday season, and b) our guilt over the fact we haven’t posted an update since the summer (shh), Kyuu and I banded together today for a massive “icon dump” (which sounds much fouler than it really is). Between the two of us, we’ve designed, uploaded, and posted over 35 holiday stock icons, 14 Super Junior (+M) icons, 9 Olivia Wilde, 4 Matthew Goode, and 5 Scarlett Johansson.

        Also, we’ve posted additional icons and variations at our LJ comm Catharsis, so if you’ve ever needed an incentive to check the community out, now would be a good time to start. ♥

Posted Nov 24, 2010. Filed under Icons. 29 comments.

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