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Layout: Bang!
Features: Nobuto and Toki (Bus Gamer AAA)
Type: Frames, Iframes and Div Layers
Designer: Rykea
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Fixing the Neglect by Rykea
“Wow we suck at updating” and other evident statements. That will probably be the title of my autobiography one day, or at least one of its chapters.

First I want to apologize for the recent downtime. Our commenting script got hit by a spam bot a few weeks ago and progressively got worse, finally devouring our bandwidth. I think I’ve fixed the issue, and I also added CAPTCHA to the comment box for extra security. Conversely, if people are having issues commenting, let us know.

Kyuu and I (believe it or not) have many updates planned for (hopefully) next month. Life got a little crazy for us. Kyuu’s got a new job and I’ve been accepted into several PhD programs, but hopefully things will finally slow down for a bit, allowing us to design more layouts and Photoshop resources. (Fingers crossed.)

See you soon, kids!

Posted Apr 5, 2014. Filed under Announcements, Server Maintenance. 24 comments.

Our Holiday Beauty Giveaway! by Rykea
        Not exactly a content update, but this is an entry worth reading if you love freebies as much as Kyuu and I do. And if you love beauty giveaways and holiday themed goodies, even better.

        Over at our beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog, Ever Vain, we’re hosting a Julep Glitter and Glow Holiday 2012 Collection giveaway. For those unfamiliar, Julep specializes in nail lacquers, very beautiful ones at that.

       Interested? Click here to check out our contest details and enter. All you have to do is fill out the entry form—simple and easy, which is how we like it here at Ever Vain and Vis.

        I’m hoping to have a few winter and holiday related treats (and by treats I mean graphics and resources) coming soon, so stay tuned! ♥

Posted Nov 21, 2012. Filed under Announcements, Contests. 8 comments.

New texture and… new site? by Kyuu
Ohmigosh a new update in the same year? Much less the same month?! That probably hasn’t happened for the last… three or four years now. Crazy isn’t it?

And when was the last time that Kyuu actually wrote an update with something to contribute instead of made awful flaily motions about how we fail at updating? May of 2011? Oh, okay then.

So I am here to discuss two things: one, the addition of a new large texture by me thanks to my new Canon EOS Rebel T4i. Also, it appears Rykea has added some beautiful new seasonal icons up for the grabbing to get you in the festive autumn and winter mood.


Mostly, I am here to tell you about Rykea and my new joint venture: a joint beauty blog called Ever Vain.

We’ve been diligently beating at it (wow that sounds so dirty) for the last month, so we’d really appreciate you give us a visit. Hopefully, both our lives are going to settle down with some amount of stability soon (job, where we’re living, etc) and writing a blog will also encourage us to get back into the over web/blogosphere and designing mood. Maybe it’ll help breathe some new life into Vis as well.

Until next time. ♥

Posted Oct 25, 2012. Filed under Announcements, Icons, Textures. 34 comments.

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