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New texture and… new site? by Kyuu
Ohmigosh a new update in the same year? Much less the same month?! That probably hasn’t happened for the last… three or four years now. Crazy isn’t it?

And when was the last time that Kyuu actually wrote an update with something to contribute instead of made awful flaily motions about how we fail at updating? May of 2011? Oh, okay then.

So I am here to discuss two things: one, the addition of a new large texture by me thanks to my new Canon EOS Rebel T4i. Also, it appears Rykea has added some beautiful new seasonal icons up for the grabbing to get you in the festive autumn and winter mood.


Mostly, I am here to tell you about Rykea and my new joint venture: a joint beauty blog called Ever Vain.

We’ve been diligently beating at it (wow that sounds so dirty) for the last month, so we’d really appreciate you give us a visit. Hopefully, both our lives are going to settle down with some amount of stability soon (job, where we’re living, etc) and writing a blog will also encourage us to get back into the over web/blogosphere and designing mood. Maybe it’ll help breathe some new life into Vis as well.

Until next time. ♥

Posted Oct 25, 2012. Filed under Announcements, Icons, Textures. 32 comments.

Back with Summer by Rykea
        Happy summer, people. Though really, why are you online when you can be outside lounging in the sunshine, lemonade in hand, watching the cute pool boy do his thing? No sun, no lemons, no pool? Shitty deal. On the bright side, we at Vis are back with a few seasonal treats.

        First up, Kyuu has designed our newest main layout featuring the gorgeous Olivia Wilde. Her design, her html, my css. So if the text is hard to read or the links are annoying to find, yell at me. After the last few run-ins I’ve had with (paid webdesign) customers, I can take anything you’ll throw at me. (I love people, really. Love them like hellfire.)

        Secondly, I’ve uploaded a new pre-made layout featuring Dean Winchester from the CW’s Supernatural. And thirdly, I’ve added 28 new icons featuring Vienna Teng, Charlotte Martin, Final Fantasy X, The Vampire Diaries, Nikita, and kittens. Enjoy folks, but first and foremost, just enjoy your summer. ♥

Posted Jul 14, 2011. Filed under Site Maintenance, Icons, Layouts. 12 comments.

Holiday Treats by Rykea
        Another quick update today—seeing that it’s Christmas Eve I imagine a fair number of us are either drinking ourselves under the festively decorated table or are out doing that “holy effing yule-log this won’t be happening again next year” last minute shopping (I’m looking at you, boys). Somehow, I’m doing neither of those things right now, and this needs to change. Pronto. But first, Kyuu added 10 holiday icons to make the day a little brighter. Enjoy!

        Also, I want to take the time to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday and all the best for the New Year, from both of us here at Invisus. Cheers! ♥

Posted Dec 24, 2010. Filed under Announcements, Icons. 4 comments.

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