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Back with Summer by Rykea
        Happy summer, people. Though really, why are you online when you can be outside lounging in the sunshine, lemonade in hand, watching the cute pool boy do his thing? No sun, no lemons, no pool? Shitty deal. On the bright side, we at Vis are back with a few seasonal treats.

        First up, Kyuu has designed our newest main layout featuring the gorgeous Olivia Wilde. Her design, her html, my css. So if the text is hard to read or the links are annoying to find, yell at me. After the last few run-ins I’ve had with (paid webdesign) customers, I can take anything you’ll throw at me. (I love people, really. Love them like hellfire.)

        Secondly, I’ve uploaded a new pre-made layout featuring Dean Winchester from the CW’s Supernatural. And thirdly, I’ve added 28 new icons featuring Vienna Teng, Charlotte Martin, Final Fantasy X, The Vampire Diaries, Nikita, and kittens. Enjoy folks, but first and foremost, just enjoy your summer. ♥

Posted Jul 14, 2011. Filed under Site Maintenance, Icons, Layouts. 12 comments.


On Jul 16, 2011 Vii said:

Ohai :D I love the new layout! Everything’s looking beautiful as always! I am so jealous of your skills~

*nom nom Jensen Ackles by the way nom nom* Also kittens! :D

On Jul 16, 2011 Kidori said:

*squeals hysterically* I love the new main layout image and color scheme! You are correct in that Olivia Wilde is absolutely gorgeous. I love her in House best! Anyway, love all your new additions. Just can’t seem to get over Jensen Ackles either…

I’m so happy you two have updated! :D

On Jul 17, 2011 Li said:

!! I love the new layout and the new premade (yum Jensen :3)

Aaaaand I’m really out of it right now, so that’s all I really have to say :P

On Jul 17, 2011 Megori said:

This new layout is gorgeous! The new premade is awesome looking too.

Ugh. I’m ready for summer to be over. The heat and humidity is killing my brain and motivation.

On Jul 18, 2011 Cat said:

Beautiful new layout! I think this color scheme gives it an elegant feel :3 The new additions look great as well!

On Jul 24, 2011 Miria said:

Wow beautiful new layout c: I’m glad you guys are back, I missed Invisus.

On Jul 29, 2011 AmandAmanda said:

Lovely layout, Kyuu! And welcome back, ladies. Although we all know it’ll be dead for a while now. Haha. I love you guys.

On Jul 31, 2011 Kyuu said:

@Amanda Thank you! And, ahaha, probably. We’re really bad at the updating thing these days. At some point soon though, I do plan on doing some maintenance on the layout sections, so hopefully that will give prod us into creating new content.

On Aug 1, 2011 Miria said:

LOL no problem x)

Yeah, I decided to just not keep it x_x The layout annoyed me because it just seems so out of place when it’s compared to my other designs.

On Sep 29, 2011 Hondai said:

I love your textures! Just wanted to let you know x)

On Nov 10, 2011 K.O. said:

K.O. Designs is open again

On Nov 20, 2011 K.O. said:

K.O. Designs is hosting a contest. Come by and check it out please :)

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