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Fixing the Neglect by Rykea
“Wow we suck at updating” and other evident statements. That will probably be the title of my autobiography one day, or at least one of its chapters.

First I want to apologize for the recent downtime. Our commenting script got hit by a spam bot a few weeks ago and progressively got worse, finally devouring our bandwidth. I think I’ve fixed the issue, and I also added CAPTCHA to the comment box for extra security. Conversely, if people are having issues commenting, let us know.

Kyuu and I (believe it or not) have many updates planned for (hopefully) next month. Life got a little crazy for us. Kyuu’s got a new job and I’ve been accepted into several PhD programs, but hopefully things will finally slow down for a bit, allowing us to design more layouts and Photoshop resources. (Fingers crossed.)

See you soon, kids!

Posted Apr 5, 2014. Filed under Announcements, Server Maintenance. 5 comments.


On Apr 5, 2014 Rykea said:

Also, for those who have tried to email us and didn’t receive a reply, it’s because our email servers we so badly spammed that we stopped receiving mail, too, it seems. That is also now fixed. (Holy crap spam.)

On Apr 27, 2014 Janus said:

The same exact thing has happened to my past 2 sites! It’s ridiculous! It’s hard to find a good update system nowadays.

On May 1, 2014 Chiaka said:

Holy crap I am SO happy to see at least one of the hardcore old-school graphics site still up and running. This means an owner that STILL updates.
I was a designer back when animegraphx, Thursday designs, Flyangel, x-tenshi, owaranai-kiss(etc), ashikiyoko were around. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of them but this was wayyyy back in the day. Coming to this site makes it so nostalgic. Keep up the good work. I used to own Aikou. I had to close it before it ever got big but I wish I saved my old work.
Hopefully I’ll stop by again soon!

On May 21, 2014 Radioactive Pink said:

I agree with Chiaka! I was a subdomain of back in the day. It is really nice to see some amazing anime graphic sites are still up. Dime-a-dozen blogs have taken over the internet now. It’s refreshing and nostalgic, indeed, to see artistic layouts again. :) Takes me way back!

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