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Holiday Treats by Rykea
        Another quick update today—seeing that it’s Christmas Eve I imagine a fair number of us are either drinking ourselves under the festively decorated table or are out doing that “holy effing yule-log this won’t be happening again next year” last minute shopping (I’m looking at you, boys). Somehow, I’m doing neither of those things right now, and this needs to change. Pronto. But first, Kyuu added 10 holiday icons to make the day a little brighter. Enjoy!

        Also, I want to take the time to wish all of you a very Happy Holiday and all the best for the New Year, from both of us here at Invisus. Cheers! ♥

Posted Dec 24, 2010. Filed under Announcements, Icons. 4 comments.


On Dec 24, 2010 Megori said:

Wishing you both a magnificent holiday season as well! The new icons are awesome. Love the snowman cookie one the most. It’s so funny. xD

On Jan 5, 2011 Rain said:

aye that looks yummy! Happy new year (even if its a bit late) ;p

On Jan 13, 2011 Melanie said:

Such cute holiday icons. Hope you had a good holidays! I have never commented before but I have visited this site several times and it is always lovely. =)

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