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            Invisus Designs is a free graphic design and resource website that is maintained by Rykea and Kyuu and aims to offer high-quality layouts, graphics, and webdesign resources to the general public. As of January 2006, Sans-Amour.net has been the official home of Invisus Designs. Presently, this site is hosted by Megori of Zabimaru.net.

            As stated above, we currently provide pre-made layouts, miscellaneous graphics, and webdesign resources for public use and consumption. All graphics and designs are original work and any external content is properly credited as such; no copyright infringement is intended. While most of our available graphics are linkware and a part of the creative commons, all services and products are currently free. The site is also ad-free and in no way makes a profit.

Invisus Designs is copyrighted (©) 2004-2012

Current Layout

Designed by: Rykea
Layout Name: This Melody
Layout Version: 8.0
            Whist writing my Masters dissertation, I distracted myself for a solid month by watching old reruns of Sailor Moon (the oh-so-lovely uncut version). Embracing the old-school vibe, I decided to design two Sailor Moon themed layouts for both Invisus and my personal domain Akedia.net. Although I decided to go edgy-meets-contrasts with Akedia's deign, I reasoned that Vis needed a some vintage, bubblegum-coloured, dreamy-hued design appeal like was so popular several years back. (Old-school vibe, remember.) The lyrics featured on the layout are from "Fire" by Gemma Hayes as I designed both layouts while listening to her Let It Break album. I highly recommend giving it a listen. ♥
            This layout was designed in Adobe Photoshop CS2, the image is from The Oracle, and textures are from Invisus, Elyium Designs and The Peril.

Gifts & Awards

            Below are gifts and awards we have received and given over the years. To view each item, please click the text.

        Site of the Month (October 2005) from Ethereal Visions

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