For those interested in affiliation with Invisus Designs, please read our rules and requirements before filling out the form below. Thanks.

1) You must own a graphic type site, or a site that offers original graphics. (Examples of what this may include: Photoshop brushes, templates, layouts, buttons, avatars, etc.)

2) No stolen material. This includes fan art, CG images, and pixels. When we say "stolen" we refer to using original art that you and/or your staff did not create yet are using in your designs without the artist's permission or without giving proper credit where it is due.

3) We do not affiliate with sites that promote sexual and/or child abuse. Tasteful nudity and homoerotic material, however, are perfectly acceptible.

4) We prefer to keep in contact with all our affiliates. We believe affiliation should be more than a simple link exchange, thus we appreciate it if our affiliates stay in contact via LJ, AIM, MSN or e-mail every once in a while.

            Please take into account that we maintain the right to reject your request for affiliation. Affiliation is currently closed.

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