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General Questions

Where is Sans-Amour.net hosted?
Currently we are being hosted by Megori at Zabimaru.net.

What is the literal meaning of "sans amour"?
Sans amour is French for "without love" or "loveless."

And "invisus"?
A Latin word that stands for "hatred" or "spitefulness" - it's one of the staff's inside jokes.

Are you offering hosting services?
At the moment, we are not offering any form of hosting at this domain. Free hosting services are available at Rykea's personal domain, Akedia.net.

May I link or become an affiliate/link exchange of this site?
This is an ad-free site, so we would highly appreciate a link back! We are also willing to link exchange, though we are fairly selective about the process. You may also apply for affiliation provided that it is open.

I saw someone using your graphics on Livejournal, but it was credited to some user instead of Invisus!
If it was credited to either rykea, chrysa or catharsistic, that is acceptible as the first two are our private usernames and the last is our shared graphics community. If another name was listed, however, please identify this theft to us.


I tried downloading a layout but I keep getting error pages.
This can mean one of two things: Either we made a coding error or the server is temporarily offline. If this problem persists, let us know.

I really like this one icon/banner, but whenever I put it on my site, there's a huge banner in its place!
You could always try saving it to your computer and then uploading it onto your server like you're supposed to instead of direct-linking to our files on Sans-Amour.net.

My layout appears distorted when I upload it onto my server, but it looks fine on my computer!
Would you be using a free server that has banners and ads? If so, the mandatory scripts a free server will place within your own coding will likely override and/or mangle the layout's coding, thus distorting its appearance. Our only suggestion is to find another host.

Graphic Design

What programs do you use?
Mostly we use Adobe Photoshop CS for Windows. In the past, we have also used Photoshop Elements 2.0, Photoshop 6.0, Photoshop 7.0, and, on rare occasion, Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7.0.

How long have you guys been designing?
A really long time. Seriously. It's a pain to keep updating this question so just take our word that we've been involved in the webdesign community for over a decade.

Can you teach me how to do _____?
Some of the effects we use may be found under Photoshop tutorials. Please do not e-mail us asking how to do something specific if it is not listed under our tutorials. Once in a while, however, we may offer a poll on our updates page, asking viewers if there are any tutorials or tips they want us to write. Just keep checking back.

Do you use outside textures/brushes?
All external resources used in our designs are listed in a downloaded layout's index.html file. These credits are not to be removed. Additional credits for icons and wallpapers may be found here.

Can you make a layout with _____?
We are open to suggestions, though we will not guarantee taking everything into consideration.

Can you make me a layout? I'll pay.
We are no longer accepting private requests here. If you are interested in paying for design work, you may try Akedia.net or SnowyVienna.com, Rykea and Kyuu's online design portfolios.


Can I remove the watermark from the layout?
No watermarks, credits, or links are to be removed from any downloaded layout or resource file.

What parts of the layout can I edit?
Like stated in the terms of usage, you can only edit the CSS file (link colors, fonts, text sizes, etc.) and the text (your links and site content).

I like _____ but there is this one effect used here that I dislike. Can you edit it out?
Once a layout has been made available for download, the design will not be modified.

Do I need to know HTML to download one of your layouts?
It is required to have basic knowledge of HTML.

How do I use/edit the layout?
When you download the layout, it will be in the format of a .zip file. Use Winzip, WinRar or another program that can unzip these types of files. After extracting all the content, click the "index.html" file. Instructions will be written on the layout itself. Just do as it says. If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know.

I just downloaded a layout and ____ won’t work.
If you ever experience any problems, let us know right away.

Do you make layout for Neopets, LiveJournal, Tumblr, etc.?
At the moment, we do not and presently have no plans to.

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