Name: Rykea
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        As a recent graduate from the University of Surrey, Rykea presently holds a MSc in Forensic Psychology and also a BSc (Honours) in Psychology and Crime, Law and Deviance from the University of Toronto. Having been a member of the webdesign community since 1998, she's gone through several domains over the years, the most prominent being (2003) which was officially closed August 2008 and replaced with (2008), her present art and design portfolio.

        A bit of an online recluse, she can frequently be found shopping on the High Street during break, asleep on a textbook during term, writing during the wee AM hours, and designing whenever feeling lucid enough. She is a caffeine-addicted, shoe-collecting, feministic, self-proclaimed art fag, and a complete whore for aesthetics who would probably trade her soul for a vanilla soy latte.

Name: Kyuu

        The funny thing, I'm very rarely at a loss for words - except when it comes to talking about myself. Hm, what to say. As you know, I am one of the maintainers here, and I do everything from designing to coding to management. Like Rykea, this site is only one of many of my side projects, all of which can be found at my domain However, as I don't have a formal profile up, I can just be an enigma and you can figure me out~

        I've been around the community since around 2000, managing many different sites, from midi collections to character shrines. I also opened two collectives before finally settling into my current one. I was, and still am, an active member of the Clamp community, and that spurned my interest into shounen-ai and many different animes. Eventually, I met Rykea when looking for domain names because I thought "fake wings" would be cute. To my surprise, I discovered a talented designer and yaoi fangirl already occupying the space. That, of course, was just the start of a very beautiful friendship.

        Currently, I am using Adobe Photoshop CS, though for the longest time, I used Adobe Photoshop 6.0. Before Photoshop, I used a very outdated version of Jasc's Paint Shop Pro 4.0 to do everything, but that was way long ago. All my sites are coded from scratch in Notepad, though more often than not, I'll steal my own coding to avoid having to retype everything. I don't believe in validation, but I test all of mylayouts in 3-4 browsers each time. Believe me, I'm incredibly OCD about everything I do.

        I'm very old-fashioned in a lot of my beliefs about webdesign, and my style generally reflects that. Most of my layouts are a smear of bright pastel colors mixed with a bit of uniqueness. I also love coding frames layouts even though they're archaic and no one seems to like using them anymore. Also, I'm a big fan colored manga, so you'll probably see a lot of layouts and icons of those from me. Otherwise, if I'm not working, you'll probably see me doing homework fangirling or playing card games. As I spend 90% of my time actually doing that. ♥

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