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Kidori of Ambrosial Designs
        Kidori's graphics are spectacularly beautiful, smooth and elegant, and always consistently so. Her layouts always have a strong sense of color coordination, and everything always blends together perfectly with each layout being better than the next. She manages her style so well that it looks lovely for both her anime and television related graphics. A visit to her site is always a real treat for the eyes.

Cat of Aqua Cure
        Cat is an age-old veteran of who has recently closed her anime graphics site to open a gaming one. Her graphics clearly show her honed skills and are a great fun to look at. Each and every one of Cat's layout is very clean and simplistic, but not without her own unique flare and touch. If you're every in need of something professional, Cat is the one to go to. Her layouts not only sleek, but made to customize. Be sure to drop by her to see!

Mel of Elysium Designs
        There are a thousand and one things I could say about Mel's site, but if I only had to could use one word it would be "classy." Mel's layouts always have the most gorgeous of blends and carefully balanced, bleft and vivid colors. All of her graphics are unique and beautifully crafted. Whoever said that blendy couldn't be classy is wrong, because her site is definitely worth the visit.

Li of
        Li is definitely a veteran of the anime webdesigning community (AWC), and she has been a good friend of ours for many years now. Not only is she extraordinarily talented and one of the sweetest people in the AWC, she also has a classy, timeless, and distinct designing style. Whether you're looking for versatile premade layouts or just a bit of inspiration, this site is a must see.

Hieica of Harienju
        Harienju is filled with dark, grundgy layouts, each with their own unique flare. Hieica is a master of pulling of her style, one that neither of us here at Vis are particularly good at. Her scrapbook-feel always looks so natural, and all of her graphics have an organized chaotic feel to them. With their hard-core feel, Hieica's site should be the #1 stop for any avid jrock fan looking for high-quality graphics.

Kibou of Project Star
        While Project Star is a relatively new site in the graphics community scene, all of Kibou's designs reflect her many years of experience. All the layouts presented on her site are simplistic and professional looking, made with beautiful pastel colors and organized into a unique set themes. Project Star is sure to be a rising star in the community, so please do pay her a visit.

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